This is the Home Screen application you've been waiting for!

With SpeedTouch you can add shortcuts to your home screen for phone calls (including Skype), text messages, emails, FaceTime, mapped directions, Twitter searches, or a URL from any other scheme you'd like (not all types are available on all devices).


  • Start SpeedTouch.
  • Select a Shortcut source.
  • If "Contacts":

  • Select a contact from your address book.
  • Select a phone number, email, or address.
  • Choose to make a shortcut based on the information chosen.
  • If "Any URL" or "Twitter Search":

  • Complete the form with the desired information.
  • Select "Create Shortcut".
  • Finish:

  • Select "Action" (box with an arrow).
  • Select "Add to Home Screen".
  • Edit the caption if desired.
  • A home screen shortcut is added with the contact's picture (if applicable) or a default icon if none is available.